Diversity Seminars for Community Leaders

This program offers professional development seminars which focus on meeting the need for diversity and cultural education about the American Muslim community for the following groups:

  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • HR & Corporate Managers
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Teachers & School Administrators

Seminars are especially designed for executives, administrators, managers and educators. Due to growing negative perceptions about Muslims as evidenced in a recent survey by Gallup Poll that shows Americans are more than twice as likely to express prejudice against Muslims than they are against Jews, Buddhists or Christians, our diversity seminars address contemporary issues and the need for education to eliminate harmful stereotypes.

Through participation in our diversity seminars, participants gain the following:

  • Knowledge: A better understanding of American Muslims in areas such as beliefs, practices, and traditions that might impact that person’s interaction with others.
  • Skills: Tips and protocols for interacting with American Muslims from various ethnic backgrounds help improve service delivery.
  • Understanding: An enhanced understanding of a people or culture helps prevent bias and enhances the ability of executives to foster a tolerant and harmonious work and service environment.

For more information about Diversity Seminars please submit a Speaker Request  form or call SISB at (206) 552-8179.