Interfaith/Religious Institutions

In our increasingly multicultural and diverse society, ING recognizes the need for ongoing interfaith dialogue and cooperation to bring about peace and mutual understanding among people of all beliefs and faiths in our communities. SISB trained speakers are invited to Churches, Synegoges and Temples to participate on panels and interfaith programs that promote peace, understanding and mutual respect.  SISB provides the following presentation in this area:

  • Getting to Know American Muslims and Their Faith – This presentation is tailored to promote bridge building bridges among people of other faiths.  By the completion of the presentation, it will have clarified common stereotypes and misconceptions, and increase understanding about Muslims and their faith.  The presentation provides an overview of basic beliefs and practices, while examining similarities between religions in such areas as the belief in God, prophets, revealed books and the afterlife. Presenters also give a glimpse into their personal life and practice that will provide insight into adherents of a much misunderstood faith.

To request a speaker please submit a Speaker Request form or call SISB at (206) 552-8179.