Universities and Colleges

In light of the ongoing conflicts worldwide and the threat of terrorism that continues to be reported in today’s media, it is important for university and college students to meet American Muslims, interact with them and have open dialogue to improve the understanding of the Muslim world. SISB offers educators the opportunity to invite American Muslims who are certified speakers to visit your classrooms. Upon your request, they will deliver presentations that are designed to supplement a wide range of studies from World History and Islam to Women’s Studies. The following presentations are available and can be 45, 60 or 90 minutes long. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions at the end in a Q & A session:

  • Getting to Know American Muslims and Their Faith – In addition to providing a review of Muslim practices, this presentation looks at the contemporary issues of moderation and women’s rights as well as the relation of Islam to other world religions, including Judaism and Christianity.
  • Islamic Contributions to Civilization – This presentation reviews the various aspects of culture and knowledge which Muslims contributed and passed down including food, clothing, music, architecture, math, astronomy and more. (45, 60, 90 min)
  • The History of Muslims in the United States – To supplement your U.S. History courses, consider this fascinating account of the lives and legacies of America’s earliest Muslims, including enslaved West Africans, early converts to Islam and Muslim immigrants.
  • Muslim Women in the United States and Around the World – In this presentation, students learn about the role of women in Islam and important Muslim women in history and the modern world. Suitable for courses related to women studies, world religions and civil rights.

To request a speaker please submit a Speaker Request form or call SISB at (206) 552-8179.