Middle and High Schools

SISB provides valuable educational presentations to Grades 7-12 students, teachers, administrators and staff. Our interactive presentations for middle and high school students are aligned with the public school history/social science content standards and are intended to supplement the curriculum. SISB teaches about Islam in accordance with the First Amendment Guidelines. Schools will invite certified SISB speakers who give a formal presentation where the speaker will go through slides followed by an informal Q & A session with the students. The following 45, 60 or 90 min minute presentations are available for Grades 7-12:

  • Exploring Islam – Muslim Traditions and Practices (most requested) Ideal for the study of world history and geography in middle schools, this presentation teaches students about Muslim traditions and practices in relation to other major world religions. (45 min)
  • Getting to Know American Muslims and Their Faith – In addition to providing a review of Muslim practices, this updated presentation looks at the contemporary issues of moderation and women’s rights as well as the relation of Islam to other world religions, including Judaism and Christianity. (45, 60, 90 min)
  • Islamic Contributions to Civilization – This presentation reviews the various aspects of culture and knowledge which Muslims contributed and passed down including food, clothing, music, architecture, math, astronomy and more. (45, 60, 90 min)
  • A History of Muslims in America – To supplement your U.S. History course, consider this fascinating account of the lives and legacy of America’s earliest Muslims including the enslaved West Africans, early converts to Islam and Muslim immigrants. (45, 60, 90 min)
  • Muslim Women in the United States and Around the World – In this presentation students learn about the role of women in Islam and important Muslim women in history and the modern world. Suitable for courses related to women’s studies, world religions, and civil rights. (45, 60, 90 min)

To request a speaker, please submit a Speaker Request form or call SISB at (206) 552-8179.